Wondering if our wedding shows are right for you? 

Thank you for considering our shows as part of your marketing strategy! We’ll help you to get the bookings you want to grow your business. We’ll explain below why we are a great choice for most quality, professional, wedding suppliers.

Goldilocks Shows

Not every wedding show suits every couple or every supplier. We simply aim for the middle ground – not to small, not to big but just right. Our shows are too small for a some exhibitors and too large for a few others. But for the vast majority of professional wedding suppliers they seem to be just right – just like in the Goldilocks story. But this isn’t a fairy tale – our exhibitor feedback ensures we stay on top of our game at every show

We only accept reliable, quality suppliers with great reputations

We get HUNDREDS of Brides & Grooms to every show, because we only allow the best in the business to stand at our events. We may consider start-up businesses but we’ll need to talk to you about the way you’re set up to ensure you’ll be right for our wedding couples.

We’ve done over 100 wedding shows since we started and we’ve never had a complaint from a Bride or Groom about the services or products provided by an exhibitor at our shows. We aim to keep this record up!

What do I get for my money?

We believe you get great value when you exhibit with Whoop!. There are cheaper shows out there but with cheap shows, you’ll find they don’t have the budget to promote the show properly and that’s why they aren’t very busy.

We spend over £50,000 a year on marketing and advertising our events using social media, magazines, flyers, posters, banners, emails and texts. That way we  can guarantee we’ll get 100s of Brides and Grooms at our shows!

We don’t charge extra for tables, chairs, cloths or electricity. We have dedicated staff to help at shows – particularly useful when it gets busy. We provide trolleys to help get your show gear to and from your stand so we cut down on the effort it takes to get set up.

We know you’ll be too busy to find something to eat (and snacks in hotels can be expensive) so we provide a complimentary lunch bag for two on each stand*. The bag contains sandwiches (choice available) a chocolate biscuit bar (Club, Rocky, Penguin etc), crisps and bottled water.

Free Tea and Coffee is available all day too. If you’re too busy to go an fetch it, we’ll do it for you.

We help make your day as simple, fun and productive for you as we can. That’s why the level of repeat bookings we get is way better than the industry average. Many of our exhibitors have been with us since our first show back in January 2014

I’m new to wedding shows – are your events right for me?

Quite possibly ‘YES’. Face to face contact with potential customers is by far the best way to get orders! And , importantly, you’ll be able to speak to customers all day at our shows – because they are always busy!

The most difficult show is a really quiet one – it’s draining to stand on-duty hour-on-hour. Time flies at busier shows like ours as you can focus on speaking to customers. Get up and out from behind your display and be ready to greet people with a smile. Don’t be daunted; our events are REALLY friendly and we work with absolutely wonderful suppliers.

If your product or service isn’t right for our shows we’ll tell you. It’s not in our interest have exhibitors who aren’t happy.

A little about the shows & quotas

We plan room layouts so every supplier has an equal opportunity to meet the customers – we believe there are NO bad places to stand. We use badges to show you who the Brides & Grooms are. We use a variety of techniques to spread footfall evenly across shows – queues are no fun for anyone.

We limit how many suppliers offer each type of wedding service. Doing this ensures couples get the choice and variety they want and suppliers have a fair opportunity to get the bookings they need to justify their investment of time, effort and money.  

Late cancellations

If a show’s full when you inquire, you’re welcome to go onto our waiting list in case we get a cancellation – but it’s rare that this happens. If you’re on the list we may contact you at short notice. We’ll contact everyone of the list who’s in an appropriate category so you need to respond very quickly to snap up the space.


We hope our information encourages you to contact us. Even if we can’t do business now, we may be able to in future seasons. Once you attend a show, you’ll have priority access to future shows. The more shows you attend the cheaper each show becomes – which is why some exhibitors book every show we do in their area!

If you’d like to become part of the Whoop! family please click here and register on pour online database so we can send you more details about the shows